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 Model to follow for RP threads

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Umine Tsuyu
Umine Tsuyu

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PostSubject: Model to follow for RP threads   Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:39 pm

You can create a topic for your roleplay in this forum in order to find other players, find ideas or discuss about the on-going story aside with the other participants. However, there are some rules to know of before doing so.

1. You can only create one topic per roleplay.
2. Do not advertise your roleplay here.
3. Follow this model when making a topic:

Title: [RP topic] Title of roleplay (give a temporary one if still looking for a title) - Rating
Description: Status of the roleplay (Looking for players/ideas, On-going)

First post:

Title: Title of the roleplay
Fandom: In which world does the story unfold? Real world is accepted too.
Rating: G / PG / PG-13 / R / NC-17
Story idea/summary: A few lines describing the story
Number of players: If there is a limit
Current players: Participants that have a role in the story
Other information: Anything else pertinent to add, write it down here if the story contains shounen-ai/shoujou-ai/yaoi/yuri.



Code grab-box:
[b]Story idea/summary:[/b]
[b]Number of players:[/b]
[b]Current players:[/b]
[b]Other information: [/b]

If you only wish to discuss about roleplaying experiences or share some tips with the other players, feel free to create topics normally as you would in any other section of Asian Clan. ^^
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Model to follow for RP threads
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