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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 10:59 pm

Welcome to Asian Clan!
General Rules 3633523372 Please read the following rules for a healthy and peaceful forum

➭ The forum is open to everyone and therefore, ALL messages' content must be free from any vulgar, racist, defamatory, violent or pornographic comments, etc. Basically, whatever things you are not allowed to say in most social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
General Rules 3203001410

U thk i cn undrstnd this? NOT fun. Please do type normal English. Honestly, we know the theory behind the first and last letter of each word, but for the sake of the poor language being slaughtered on
Please and thank you for the minimum effort.

Do not use any colors in the title of a new thread.
Unless you have the authorization, of course. But we don't multicolor titles everywhere.

No spam. No troll. No double posts.
Do I need to explain that? The existence of the Edit button is for screw ups. And that means staying in topic too, don't start talking about apples when the thread is about cats. There will be a section in the forum dedicated to random junk spam.
General Rules 2564027759
Of course, in some threads (like brain storming, recommendations) where the same person may contribute a lot of new different ideas, this rule doesn't apply. As long as the new post serves a purpose and actually needs the extra attention, it's okay. We leave it to your common sense.

General Rules 9397513 Trolls, you can go look for fun elsewhere.

Question threads may be bumped only after 24 hours without reply.
We will not consider this as a double post. Of course, you can just MP a mod or an admin (which is a lot easier).
General Rules 2755540569 Don't worry, we don't bite. A lot.

Do NOT advertise in MP.
We have an advertising section. Make use of that.

Illegal activities are strictly FORBIDDEN. We will not take any responsibility for anything you post. We do not want to be sued. This was in the ToS too, so it's practically a givin.

Huge pictures must be in spoilers.
The forum's format is restricted to a certain number of pixels in width. If the picture is big (~900+ width), put it in spoilers so that the rest of the text are not affected.

Avatar picture size limit is 200x300. Signature limit is a picture of 500x300 + 5 lines of default sized and default font text.
General Rules 3315450955 Bigger than that, you can use the spoilers technique.

Credit the artists/creators when available.
Most of them ask for credit when they authorize other people to post their work elsewhere. Even if it's sometimes difficult to find the original post on the internet, we would like the artists to receive proper respect for their efforts. Again, this is a basic common sense rule applicable to all WWW.

No hot linking.
For those of you who don't know what it means: Follow this link It costs other people money and for all the reasons above, we would ask you to host the images first either on an external website such as Photobucket or the forum's picture hosting website (the icon with a picture and an A-disk above).

Introduce yourself in a new thread.
General Rules 3633523372 While it's not that serious of a matter than the other ones, it's always nice to see a new member and easier to make friends that way.

Warning: If you do not respect these rules, moderators/administrators will edit/delete your messages. Your warning bar serves as a barometer for this purpose. Actions leads to consequences from mute to banishment.

This is not a joke. Jodan janai. We are watching you General Rules 9397513

Questions? Read the FAQ first.

General Rules 1781937165 Well then, have fun on Asian Clan General Rules 1641707552
Thank you for reading the rules. They may be updated in the future, but we will notify you before the modification.
General Rules 2000130356
Amended 20/08/12

General Rules Signat10
Power is necessary: there will always be conflict
Is it weapons that nurture war? Or is it the hearts of men?

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General Rules
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