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 General FAQ (WIP)

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PostSubject: General FAQ (WIP)   General FAQ (WIP) EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 10:47 pm

FAQ: Please read the following before asking for help.

0) I'm a newbie at forums, how does it work?

At the very top of the page, there is a transparent bar which contains the general FAQ for all forums. I would advice you to check that.

1) Where are the categories?

All the big categories (not included in the main one) are located at the right of each page: Menu (for mobile) and on the left of the home page (or Main Category).

2) May I be part of the staff? Or of a group?

Of course, the Recruitment section contains an application form for aspiring moderators, graphic artists and animators. We welcome all helpers with love General FAQ (WIP) 4022320348

3)What do the weird characters in the China, Japan and S. Korea categories mean?

They each mean Chinese, Japanese and Korean in their respective language. That section is dedicated to members of the forum who wants to learn or to create topics in that tongue.

4) May we write in another language in the forum? Other than the dedicated sections (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)?

Yes and no. If it's known or commonly used expressions, like Konnichiwa,
arigatou, ni hao, etc. you can, of course. However, long sentences aren't allowed in the forum except for the sections dedicated for this purpose (see point 3). In the signature, you may type a short paragraph in any language ^_~ it's your call.

4) What are the sections Shonen-ai & Yaoi and Shojo-ai & Yuri are for?

In short, shonen-ai means romance between two boys, rated 13+ generally. It's your typical (more or less) love story, but with partners of the same gender. It is very popular in Japanese culture and is currently spreading worldwide.
means the same thing, however more intense, and is directed to a more mature audience of 17 or 18+ (depending on your country).
Shojo-ai is the feminine equivalent of shounen-ai and Yuri corresponds logically with yaoi in the same sense.
General FAQ (WIP) 1781937165 I will soon add a FAQ for those two special sections.

If you have a problem with homosexuals, please do not enter those sub-categories. We will not tolerate any homophobic comments/complaints. We have already notified you of this and warned you of the consequences. Therefore, we reserve the right to punish those who goes against Asian Clan's ethics.


Updated August 17th, 2012.

General FAQ (WIP) Signat10
Power is necessary: there will always be conflict
Is it weapons that nurture war? Or is it the hearts of men?

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General FAQ (WIP)
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